About this system

What is it?

This is Artaxerxes, the registration system for events by Evolution Events. After signing in you will find an overview of our events that you can register for, if there are any in the future. By registering for an event you reserve a spot at the event and agree to follow our rules concerning payment, cancelling and participation. More information about this can be found at the 'practical information' page (after signing in).

Account in this system

Everybody who wants to use this registration system has to create a new account. Even if in the old system (from before 2020, linked to our forums) you had an account, you need to make a new one here. Please use an email address that you read regularly because we will use this to contact you about events you register for. If your account in the old system uses an address that you do not regularly check, but you would like to enable us to transfer some history from the old system (sometime in the future) you can add your old address as a secondary address after account creating (through "Account Settings"). The primary email address (with which you create your account) will be used to contact you, the other address(es) can (also) be used for signing in and password recovery.

(Prepare) registration for event

Both at the event website and in this system a date and time will be shown when registration for the event will open. If you want to be really quick at registering you can prepare your registration. This means that you can fill in all necessary information and make the choices for the event (like type of registration, additional options) before registration is actually opened. Then when the registration does open, all you have to do is agree to the conditions (which you can read beforehand) and press 'register'.

If registration is already opened you can no longer prepare your registration but you will be able to register in one go, entering the same information that would be required on preparation. Until registration time closes (which might be right up to the event itself) you will be able to register, even if the event is already full. If the event is full when you register you will be put on the waiting list for the event. When a particpant cancels and you are the next in line on the waiting list we will contact you to check if you still want to participate. Specific rules about the waiting list and the order in which waiting list registrations are processed can be read in our house rules or, if it differs, at the event specific website.

Your data and privacy

Please read all about how we handle your data and privacy in our privacy policy.

What's up with the name?

We have named this system Artaxerxes, or Arta for friends. Naming a system like this makes it easier to refer to it ("the registration system" is so non-specific and long and "My Evolution Events" is, well, let's just not).

As for this particular name: Years ago, when we were still running our first LARP series Lextalionis, we created Xerxes, a system to track characters' influences, named after a Persian king in the fifth century BC. The name was mostly chosen because it sounded cool and had enough X'. Then when we started building this system, we picked Artaxerxes, named after the third son and successor of Xerxes, which seemed sortof appropriate.

Underlying technology and source

Artaxerxes has been developed by us, Evolution Events, to support our LARP events. It was written in Python, using the Django web framework. Arta is free software, the source can be found on github. It is not currently directly reusable by other LARP organizations, but if you are interested in using Artaxerxes, let us know!

Changes & Improvements

There are still many things to be improved and added to Arta. In the coming time, we will be adding new features that make the system even easier to use. To keep an eye on the changes we are making, you can look at this forum topic where we will post occasional updatess.

Feedback & Questions

If you have any problems with Artaxerxes itself, or have suggestions on how to improve things, please contact us by email (or you can report an issue on github if that's familiar ground for you).

If you have a question about an event, it is usually better to use the e-mail address from the event website (but don't worry, either address will usualy reach the right people).